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A patient who has recently been diagnosed with cancer often faces a confusing time with intensive diagnostic work-up, multiple consultations with different health professionals and complex treatment options that frequently include multi-modality therapy. A Cancer Nurse Coordinator can help the patient and their family navigate their way and guide them through treatments. Cancer Nurse Coordinators are patient advocates at multidisciplinary team meetings and are available to the patient and their family for advice on pain and symptom management. 

The core functions of the Cancer Nurse Coordinator include: assessment of the patients' physical and psychosocial well being (with prompt referral to medical or allied health staff where appropriate); coordination and scheduling of appointments; education of patients about their cancer and treatments in addition to; provision of support. The Cancer Nurse Coordinator helps patients with their individual treatment pathway, enables patients move smoothly through the hospital and community health care system and ensures that the patient has a full understanding of their treatment plan. They also assist patients and their families to access services that may help with home care assistance, community nursing, emotional support, counselling or financial issues.


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